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Greetings! 👋 


We're Joe & Kim - high school sweethearts with a passion for family, design and creative expression.


We’ve been hosting since 2019 after purchasing our first vacation home in the Cascades Range of Washington State. We’re avid snowboarders and love being able to share the Leavenworth Chalet with other adventurers.


The creation of Gloc Haus, however, began with converting our detached 2-car garage into the Belvidere Haus - a tiny house in Seattle. We built the Belvidere Haus with the intention of preparing to one day share it with our parents. We could help support them with a multigenerational household if they needed us, but also rent out the space until that day came. After long term renting the space for five years, we decided to convert the Belvidere Haus into a vacation rental so that we could share it with other tiny home enthusiasts and travelers. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed hosting & meeting great guests here since the beginning of 2022.


2022 was also the year we fell in love with Joshua Tree National Park and launched the Hi-Desert Haus. We love the zen of this home so much, and we hope you feel the warmth and thought we’ve put into its design.


Although working to build experiences you love has been extremely busy, we’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be doing what we love - focusing on our family, expressing ourselves creatively by designing relaxing and comfortable spaces for YOU to enjoy with your friends and family, and making intentional connections along the way.


We’re very appreciative of your presence here and the support you show by learning about Gloc Haus for your next memorable getaway. Thank you! 💛

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Gloc Haus creates thoughtfully designed spaces for short-term vacations in locations you love with genuine hospitality so we can achieve our goal of becoming your new favorite stay. Because we own and manage our own properties, we can truly deliver on our promise of putting your satisfaction first.


We carefully select beautiful, accessible locations with great amenities to help fill your stay with priceless memories. By vacationing in our own homes and carefully listening to your feedback, we then work to refine the experience so that each stay can become

better than the last.

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